Archival acid-free rolls/tubes/caps

42,19  (317,88 kn) 118,24  (890,88 kn) /pair, /pc

An ideal solution for long-term storage of fabrics and large-format documents

  • They meet the strictest standards for archival preservation
  • Suitable for storing and transporting fabrics, carpets, tapestries, maps, graphics and drawings

Archival rolls/tubes are made of several layers of bleached cellulose fibers that are bonded together with waterproof pH neutral glue and do not contain recycled paper. Items that are wound on rolls need to be protected from the outside using, for example, Tyvek fabric , acid-free silk paper , Melinex polyester film or some other archive-safe material.

Characteristics :

  • acid-free
  • without lignin
  • white color
  • buffered with calcium carbonate
SKUInfoDiameter (mm)Length (cm)Thickness (mm)PriceBuy
1911101white roll/tube100210242,19  (317,88 kn) /pc
37999-150white roll/tube1502002.575,64  (569,91 kn) /pc
37999-200white roll/tube200200 - 2102.5/3118,24  (890,88 kn) /pc

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