Light tables

Light tables SP1 and SP2 are made on a steel base with wheels that can be locked if necessary. The height of the worktop on the SP1h and SP2h models can be adjusted using a lever. Thanks to this feature, the height of the desk’s working surface can be adjusted to the user’s needs and provides an ergonomic working environment at all times.

The work surface of the table consists of multilayer glass with a thickness of 8.4 mm, which is covered with “milk film” on the underside. All corners and edges of the table are carefully rounded. The table lighting is located under the glass panel and consists of two or four fluorescent “daylight” light tubes in a standard 4 x 18 assembly. The illuminated surface consists of two or four surfaces measuring 45 x 62 cm that can be switched on independently of each other.

Purpose: paper restoration, leaf casting repairs and all similar jobs that require quality lighting.

Light suction table

The NSP1/EFS table is equipped with an advanced base with lockable wheels. The working surface of this model is made of DURCON material, which is resistant to shocks and chemicals and can be rotated to an almost vertical position. A special groove is installed on the edge of the work surface, which ensures the safe drainage of excess liquid and prevents it from spilling. The table is equipped with lighting with an electronic switching system that prevents the light from flickering and enables adjustment of the lighting intensity.

The table is also equipped with a system that enables simple and uniform adjustment of the suction power by hand or foot. The foot control panel enables the unhindered use of both hands when working on the table.


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