Vacuum tables PSD 201/202/203

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Tables from the PSD 200 series are delivered in several sizes and are intended for so-called duplicating (placing a support base on the background of paintings, English “lining”, German “doublieren”, French “rentoilage”), alignment and other operations on paintings and painting canvases.

On all devices from this series, it is possible to remove the metal legs and after that the vacuum table can be used as an additional work surface on another stand. Although designed to be as simple as possible, each of these tables is equipped with an integrated heating system and a cooling fan. The heating system ensures uniform heating of the top plate.

Tables, depending on the model, have a different number of suction openings with built-in containers for collecting deposits. The different number and arrangement of suction openings enables work on large-format works to be carried out on individual segments of the work (part by part). The operation of the vacuum pump is monitored by the control unit/programmer PSD 20X.

You can see all the technical data about these vacuum tables here

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30 0090Vacuum table PSD 201, dimensions 0.75 x 1 mPSD developer and vacuum pump0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
30 0100Vacuum table PSD 202, dimensions 1 x 1.25 mPSD developer and vacuum pump0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
30 0110Vacuum table PSD 203, dimensions 1.2 x 1.5 mPSD developer and vacuum pump0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc

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