Honeycomb board – museum cardboard

192,30  (1.448,88 kn) /pc

The 13 mm thick “Honeycomb” board is made of extremely strong and durable archival acid-free cardboard in accordance with the strictest international standards (fully meets ISO 9706 and PAT standards). It is naturally white in color and no bleaching agents are used in its production.

It consists of three layers: two outer panels and a honeycomb-shaped core. This construction with minimal weight provides exceptional resistance to deformation, which makes the honeycomb panel a very desirable background for large-scale works of art such as graphics, posters, paintings, wallpaper and textiles. It is also used for framing, painting, making architectural models and protecting valuable documents and objects during transport. Honeycomb panels are ideal for strengthening the walls of boxes and providing additional load-bearing capacity. They are simply cut with scalpels and adapted to the current need.


  • 100% bleached cellulose
  • does not contain recycled fibers
  • does not contain wood fibers
  • kappa number 1 – 2 (without lignin)
  • pH 7.5 – 10.0 (acid-free in accordance with ISO 6588-1:2012)
  • alkaline buffer> 2% natural calcium carbonate (GCC)
  • finish: neutral/synthetic (without the addition of alum)
  • without optical brighteners
  • Photographic Activity Test (PAT) in accordance with ISO 18916:2007


  • dispersion glue without solvents and softeners
  • pH approximately 7.0
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CR MCHB-12500 x 1400 x 13 mm192,30  (1.448,88 kn) /pc

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