Protective covers for clothes made of Tyvek

15,23  (114,75 kn) 45,64  (343,87 kn) /pc

Due to its unique properties, Tyvek is a favorite protective material in museums, galleries and other institutions. It is breathable, non-abrasive, and at the same time excellently protects against water and dust.

In addition to the role it justified in the transport and protection of various works of art, it proved to be outstanding for the protection of textile objects. It is an excellent barrier to dust and spores and prevents the growth of fungi.

Gusseted Tyvek covers also provide protection for larger, more robust items of clothing such as jackets, coats and military uniforms.

  • made of inert Tyvek type 5/6
  • for everyday and frequent use
  • antistatic
  • they don’t leave you feeling sick
  • completely closed
  • protect against pests, dust and light
SKUProduct nameSizePriceBuy
912127000Tyvek protective cover for vest840 x 625 mm15,23  (114,75 kn) /pc
912127001Tyvek protective jacket cover1030 x 600 mm19,50  (146,92 kn) /pc
912127002Tyvek protective cover for a coat1490 x 600 mm20,43  (153,93 kn) /pc
912127003Protective cover made of Tyvek for a dress or long coat1850 x 690 mm24,67  (185,88 kn) /pc
912127004Gusseted Tyvek protective cover for shorts or jacket900 x 600 x 220 mm21,41  (161,31 kn) /pc
912127005Gusseted Tyvek jacket cover1330 x 600 x 220 mm29,72  (223,93 kn) /pc
912127006Gusseted Tyvek protective cover for a jacket or coat1490 x 600 x 220 mm33,70  (253,91 kn) /pc
912127007Gusseted protective cover made of Tyvek for long clothes or for a dress1900 x 600 x 220 mm45,64  (343,87 kn) /pc

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