Containers for storing weapons

For collectors of military and hunting weapons, we designed containers consisting of an archive box with expanded polyethylene. This material, which is characterized by a high formability, will not react chemically in contact with objects, and at the same time will protect them from inadvertent damage such as bumps or scratches.

Whether it is a cold weapon or a firearm, the design allows an unobstructed view of the entire length of the object without unnecessary removal and touching of the object. In one container, with the creation of additional compartments, it is possible to put several pieces of smaller objects while maintaining order and visibility. Our archival boxes with expanded polyethylene, due to their geometric shape, allow stacking and thus facilitate the organization and navigation of weapon collections.

In addition to the military, weapons have great significance for cultural history as well. It was an indispensable accessory to clothing and showed the status of the wearer, so it had to meet high aesthetic requirements. In more recent collections, weapons stand out more for their technical aspects. In both cases, valuable pieces will find suitable archival storage conditions in our containers.

  • archival acid-free corrugated cardboard
  • expanded polyethylene
  • made to measure – price on request
  • space saving (stackability)

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