Permanent archival boxes for premium quality records

0,55  (4,14 kn) 13,41  (101,04 kn) /pc

Permanent archival boxes for gramophone records

For archiving gramophone records (7″ or 12″), record cases or other large-format objects, this box is the right choice. The large slanted opening on the boxes allows easy access to the panels. The matching case is designed to protect against dust and light.

Protective inserts made of permanent acid-free cardboard

Protect your important albums with acid-free long-lasting 10″ (25.4 cm) / 12″ (30.5 cm) record sleeves. The circular opening of 8 cm on the cover allows viewing the label on the board. Three sides are closed (with neutral glue), on the open side there is a flap that does not stick. They are made of acid-free, alkaline-buffered, grey-blue archival cardboard of Premium Plus quality (DIN ISO 9706) of 225 g/m2.

Polypropylene protective inserts for gramophone records

Protect your valuable collection of 7-inch (18 cm) singles with chemically inert, acid- and plasticizer-free polypropylene liners.

The inserts are closed on three sides and allow for easy insertion.

SKUProduct nameZa format (cm)Dimenzije unutarnje (cm)Thickness (mm)PriceBuy
20 P28131Archive box for recordsSingle-format with case / 21.2 x 21.0 x,40  (63,29 kn) /pc
20 P28125Archive box for recordsLP record format with case / 32.0 x 32.0 x,41  (101,04 kn) /pc
20 69103Tray for plates (Blue).18.5 x 18.5225 g/m22,10  (15,82 kn) /pc
20 69100Tray for plates (Blue).27.0 x 26.5225 g/m22,10  (15,82 kn) /pc
20 69105Tray for plates (Blue).31.5 x 31.5225 g/m22,52  (18,99 kn) /pc
20 69115Polypropylene protective insert for gramophone records.18.0 x 18.3150 μm (0.15 mm)0,55  (4,14 kn) /pc

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