Museum foam – Plastazote LD45

141,10  (1.063,12 kn) 174,70  (1.316,28 kn) /pkg

Chemically clean, inert expanded polyethylene foam with excellent physical properties.

Museum foam Plastazote LD45 is most often used to store museum objects, but this is only one of its many applications. The spongy Plastazote material is used in conservation for many (various) purposes, such as lining drawers and storage boxes for various sensitive items such as coins/medals, wax seals, glass negatives, etc., then for making pads for books and exhibition exhibits, as mat for entomological boxes, for the protection of objects in transport and in general the protection of objects during archival quality storage (archival storage ). The thermal cutter is easily adapted to different shapes (books, sculptures…), which is a reliable way to prevent items from moving during transport and causing potential damage.

Plastazote museum foam belongs to physically expanded foams and has a density of 40/50 kg/m3.

When making Plastazote foam, pure nitrogen is used, which guarantees that the resulting foam is chemically inert and ensures excellent physical properties. By using pure nitrogen for expanding, it is ensured that there are no residual traces in the foam as with other expanding agents, and in this way the polyethylene foam completely retains all its characteristics.

Tests have shown that Plastazote museum foam is stable and non-reactive when in contact with various museum and other objects.

Application in various industries (automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, construction, electronics) for:

  • storage and packaging of fragile items
  • making boxes, bases (e.g. for entomological boxes )
  • bumpers, base panels
  • they are excellent for making gaskets
  • in sports facilities to mitigate falls and blows
  • due to their inertness, they are applicable in healthcare institutions
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911704502White1500 x 1000 x 12 mm4 boards141,10  (1.063,12 kn) /pkg
911704508White1500 x 1000 x 28 mm2 boards174,70  (1.316,28 kn) /pkg
911704512Black1500 x 1000 x 12 mm4 boards141,10  (1.063,12 kn) /pkg
911704528Black1500 x 1000 x 28 mm2 boards174,70  (1.316,28 kn) /pkg

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