Unbuffered and buffered acid-free tissue paper

50,40  (379,74 kn) 152,60  (1.149,76 kn) /pkg, /roll

Acid-free unbuffered tissue paper in sheets

This extremely fine, acid-free, semi-transparent paper is used for:

  • wrapping documents and sensitive objects that need special protection
  • filling and wrapping of textiles, silver and other objects in museums, libraries and archives
  • separation of works on paper for storage in folders and drawers
  • ca. 18 – 21 g/m2

Acid-free buffered tissue paper in rolls

Buffered acid-free tissue paper in the roll has a smooth surface and as such is particularly suitable for separation, wrapping, lining and space filling, and is also soft enough for contact with photographs and textiles.

It is acid-free, white and does not contain lignin. It is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and its pH value is 8.5. The weight is 16 g/m2. It is not recommended to use this paper with color photos and textiles made of silk or wool. Use our unbuffered tissue paper to store such materials.

Acid-free unbuffered tissue paper in rolls

Unbuffered tissue paper in rolls is suitable for independent processing and adaptation to objects such as documents and graphics, as well as for filling intermediate spaces and separating sensitive materials and valuable objects. The paper is partially transparent, white in color, acid-free and has passed PAT. It is made of 100% pure cellulose, and its weight is 18 g/m2.

Find out the difference between the terms buffered and unbuffered via this link .

SKUProduct nameDescriptionPriceBuy
20 99873PAcid-free tissue paper, dim. 50 x 75 cm, 500 sheets in a pack.Unbuffered50,40  (379,74 kn) /pkg
20 99874PAcid-free tissue paper, dim. 75 x 100 cm, 500 sheets in a pack.Unbuffered94,80  (714,27 kn) /pkg
BT40250RAcid-free tissue paper in a roll 1 x 76 mBuffered93,86  (707,19 kn) /roll
BT40500RAcid-free tissue paper in a roll 1 x 150 mBuffered141,16  (1.063,57 kn) /roll
20 99871-250Acid-free tissue paper in a roll 1 x 250 mUnbuffered152,60  (1.149,76 kn) /roll

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