Vacuum press for lamination

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This device is equipped with a highly efficient and reliable advanced heating system. The press is made of two plates of reinforced glass. An invisible layer made of a special material that conducts electricity is installed on the surface of the lower glass panel. Through this layer, the current flows in a controlled manner and thus ensures an extremely efficient heating system. This system ensures an even distribution of heat and thus ensures quality installation, thermal bonding or adhesion of the canvas to the background.

The transparent top plate ensures high reliability when working with the press since the entire lamination process can be monitored at all times.

This versatile device can also be used as a cold press when restoring paper using techniques that involve wetting the paper.

The complete and unobstructed view provided by the transparent top panel makes it easy to move and adjust the object to the desired position before turning on the press and starting the lamination process. The glass is extremely smooth and scratch-resistant.

The vacuum press for lamination is equipped with an automatic monitoring system of the working process, which provides the possibility of manually canceling the settings if necessary, as well as a monitoring and control system for pressing power.

  • automatic temperature control
  • automatic pressure monitoring
  • adjustment of lamination duration
  • factory calibrated vacuum pump prevents too sudden or too slow creation of vacuum

You can see all technical data about vacuum presses for lamination here

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HGP260Vacuum press for lamination890 x 1195 mm0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
HGP360Vacuum press for lamination1095 x 1705 mm0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
HGP560Vacuum press for lamination1276 x 2496 mm0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
STA260Stand for vacuum press HGP260.0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
STA360Stand for vacuum press HGP360.0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc

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