Combined restoration work unit – precise hot air tool and restoration iron (soldering iron)

21,89  (164,93 kn) 503,94  (3.796,94 kn) /pc, /set

The combined restorative work unit on the same device enables the independent or combined use of a precision tool with hot air and a restorative iron (soldering iron). Both instruments are adjustable and each has its own switch.

Precision hot air tool

  • a set of three steel air nozzles of different sizes (see picture) for more delicate and precise control of warm air
  • temperature adjustment from 30° C to 200° C
  • digital display
  • silicone cable 115 cm long
  • air flow adjustment
  • ideal for non-contact heating
  • useful for working on damaged images where loose pieces need to be gently heated and restored

Adjusting to a lower air flow through the precision tool is particularly useful due to the minimal loss of particles during the restoration. The precision tool automatically starts to cool down when returning to the holder.

Restoration iron (iron, soldering iron, spatula)

  • comes with extension 918052405 (pictured)

Due to the possibility of separate or joint use of a precision tool with hot air and an iron (soldering iron), the work unit provides the greatest possible work flexibility.

Set includes: work unit with precision hot air tool, 3 hot air attachments, restoration iron (soldering iron), restoration iron attachment, cable, instructions.

Extensions and accessories for restoration iron (soldering iron)

Extensions are used when working with a heat iron (soldering iron) during special work with materials that react to heat. Along with the attachments, we also offer you an iron holder. The standard extension 918052405 is supplied with a restoration iron.

SKUProduct namePriceBuy
91805760Combined restoration work unit - iron and warm air503,94  (3.796,94 kn) /set
918052405Extension for restoration iron, standard, dim. 25 x 25 mm34,76  (261,90 kn) /pc
9180500S1Extension for restoration iron, dim. 32 x 17 mm46,17  (347,87 kn) /pc
9180500S2Extension for restoration iron, dim. 46 x 20 mm46,17  (347,87 kn) /pc
9180500S3Extension for restoration iron, dim. 62 x 21 mm46,17  (347,87 kn) /pc
9180500S4Extension for restoration iron, dim. 74 x 30 mm46,17  (347,87 kn) /pc
9180500S6Extension for restoration iron, dim. 5 x 32 mm46,17  (347,87 kn) /pc
914521002Restorative iron stand21,89  (164,93 kn) /pc

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