Tengu Japanese paper – the thinnest paper in the world

75,10  (565,84 kn) 103,84  (782,38 kn) /roll

Tengu paper (Tosa Tengujo) is used all over the world for a wide variety of conservation and restoration procedures, and is particularly suitable for strengthening and protecting documents. Thanks to special machine finishing, paper of only 1.6 g/m 2 was produced and it is currently the thinnest paper in the world .

Tengu Japanese paper is ideal for separating, repairing and protecting the surface of the surface and many other examples. Our Tengu paper is not bleached with chlorine, but instead is soaked in a slightly alkaline solution to give a uniform color over the entire surface. In papers that have been bleached with chlorine, it can happen that the chlorine remains in the paper structure, causing the paper to turn yellow.

Example of partial newspaper restoration with Japanese paper Tengu NAJ, 3.5 g/m2:

An example of the restoration of a medieval manuscript with Japanese paper Tengu NAJ, 1.6 g/m2:

  • 100% Goat
  • unique bleaching technique without chlorine
  • life expectancy 1000 years
  • natural color (NAJ Colored)
  • available in rolls, weight 1.6 and 3.5 g/ m2
SKUDimenzijaGrammage (g/m2)PriceBuy
TPTN16050.97 x 5 m1.6103,84  (782,38 kn) /roll
TPTN35050.97 x 5 m3.575,10  (565,84 kn) /roll

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