Ceiling gallery rail system

0,54  (4,07 kn) 20,90  (157,47 kn) /pc, /set

The system for ceiling display and hanging of pictures and posters NEWLY R40 is a solution for circumstances in which, due to technical obstacles, it is not possible to mount gallery rails on the wall. This is a particularly good solution for the windows of business establishments, libraries, galleries and all institutions that want to meaningfully use the advantages of the space in which they are located and to draw the attention of passers-by to values that deserve attention in an immediate and inspiring way.

The ceiling rail is almost imperceptible, it can also be adapted to the space by repainting without special preparation because it is already painted in white primer. Also, the metal head of the Twister guide is invisible to the eye because it completely fits into the rail. Pictures, posters and decorations can be placed and adjusted either vertically or horizontally.

  • high quality aluminum
  • load capacity up to 20 kg
  • invisible guide head
  • color white primer
  • rail warranty of 10 years

The system for hanging pictures from the ceiling consists of the following elements:

  • gallery rail
  • guide Twister
  • hanger
  • end cap

1. The gallery rail is the basic part of the picture hanging system. Once installed, the gallery rail provides a permanent solution for quickly hanging pictures or decorations and for their replacement without constant drilling and destroying the walls with new holes.

Dimensions: 17.6 x 18.3 mm, 2 meter lengths are available with the option of shortening and cutting to adapt the rail to your needs.

Load capacity: up to 20 kg per meter.

2. Twister guide – with nylon 2 mm thick and 2 m long with a load capacity of up to 20 kg. The guide enables horizontal (left-right) movement of pictures, posters, or decorations. In the case of paintings, posters or decorations of greater weight, it is necessary to add another guide.

The Twister steel guide has the same load capacity as the nylon one and differs from it only in terms of material and appearance. The twister or the head of both types of guides, unlike competing ones, completely enters the rail and does not spoil the visual impression.

3. Hangers – load capacities up to 20 kg enable faster handling and great time savings. After the hanger H70 for the MUSEUM PRESTIGE R70 system, the hanger H100 is the most reliable on the market and is intended for both types of guides mentioned. In the case of paintings, posters or decorations of greater weight, it is necessary to add another hanger on the additional guide.

Instead of the H100 hanger, for smaller heavy frames you can choose the H10, an economical version of the hanger with a load capacity of up to 4 kg. It has a simple appearance and can only be combined with a nylon guide.

Using the hanger is very simple:

  • you put it on the guide
  • you move the hanger to the desired height with the spring over the nylon guide
  • by pressing your fingers, you fix the hanger at the selected height
  • hang a picture on the front hook.

If you change exhibits frequently (at least 3 to 4 times a year) or if you hang a large number of exhibits, saving time is an absolute advantage and a reason to choose hangers that are used with a guide.

4. Hanger/connecting plate – serves to fix the rails on the wall and is mounted every 40 cm. In the case of connecting several gallery rails (by length), it is possible to connect them with the same element that is placed on the inside/rear side of the rail. It is completely invisible and ensures that the rails are held together. So, only one element has the role of both hanger and connecting plate.

5. End cap – used to close the first and last rail and ensures safety against the guide falling out of the rail when pulling left and right.

6. Assembly – load-bearing wall elements for the gallery rail are adjusted to 40 cm ( you get 6 hangers/connecting plates, 6 screws and 6 dowels for the wall for free ) and continue to follow the instructions received.

SKUProduct namePriceBuy
1401200Gallery rail, white, ceiling, 200 cm, load capacity up to 20 kg/m (includes 6 hangers/connecting plates, 6 screws and 6 dowels)20,90  (157,47 kn) /set
5010200-IITwister guide, nylon, 200 cm, load capacity 20 kg3,88  (29,23 kn) /pc
6010200-IITwister guide, steel, 200 cm, load capacity 20 kg7,42  (55,91 kn) /pc
3020100-IIHanger H100, load capacity 20 kg4,94  (37,22 kn) /pc
3024100-IIHanger H10, load capacity 4 kg0,96  (7,23 kn) /pc
2401100End cap for ceiling rail0,54  (4,07 kn) /pc

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