LAQUAtwin pH meter

The compact LAQUAtwin pH meter from the world-famous company HORIBA enables precise measurement of the pH value in just a few seconds from just one drop. The smallest sample volume is only 0.1 mL (if you order original cause plates, the sample can be only 0.05 mL). The special flat sensor enables easy measurement of not only liquids, but also powder materials and solids.

  • automatic calibration function using a standard solution
  • up to three calibration points
  • temperature compensation function
  • water resistant according to the IP67 standard
  • the auto-hold function displays the value after the reading stabilizes
  • automatic device shutdown (after 30 min)
  • smoke. 164 mm × 29 mm × 20 mm, weight approx. 55 years
  • JAPANESE quality

Application possibilities (examples in the picture on the left): This device is successfully used for testing water (rainwater, liquid water, lakes or thermal springs), aquariums, in liquid treatment plants, soil testing in agriculture, measurements during beer fermentation, checking the freshness of processed products, measurements in research laboratories, quality control of medical products and cosmetics, in teaching, restoration of paper and textiles, etc. Whether you want to monitor the pH value of your aquarium, measure the pH of rainwater or check the quality of meat and fish, LAQUAtwin is the ideal solution.



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