PROSorb silica-gel cassette

40,60  (305,90 kn) 66,35  (499,91 kn) /pc

PRO Sorb is a new type of silica gel (eng. silica gel ) that is specially adapted for the regulation of relative humidity inside museum showcases and archival cabinets and storage rooms. The ideal level of relative humidity for most museum display cases is 35-60% RH. It is certainly desirable to maintain this level for as long as possible. PRO Sorb silica-gel has an extremely high ability to absorb moisture in the range of 35-60% relative humidity, and its capabilities surpass all other products on the market that are intended for museum or archival use. PRO Sorb maintains stable relative humidity values with extremely small deviations since it has the ability to both absorb and release (desorption) water vapor. That’s why PRO Sorb silica gel comes prepared to the required level of relative humidity.

PRO Sorb has a longer lifespan than other types of silica gel.

PRO Sorb silica-gel cassettes

Compared to silica gel in granules, PRO Sorb cassettes make it easier to place the required amount of silica gel in the desired space. It is not necessary to put them in special containers and they can be replaced very easily. During the first few years of using the cassettes, it can be easily determined by their weight whether the silica gel is saturated and whether it needs to be dried. After several years of use, it is still recommended to check the saturation level using a hygrometer.

Cassettes are made of polypropylene and moisture-permeable non-woven polyester fabric and are filled with PRO Sorb silica gel granules.

  • You can read more about silica gel, types and how they work HERE
PSK-1standard cassette335 x 110 x 44 mm950 g66,35  (499,91 kn) /pc
PSK-2small cassette335 x 110 x 24 mm500 g40,60  (305,90 kn) /pc

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