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The ScanTent is the optimal solution for scanning loose or bound documents on the go – for low-cost and high-quality scans.

In combination with the DocScan app (android, iPhone) the ScanTent enables you to hold a document with both hands and to scan it with your smart phone without pressing any button. DocScan takes the picture automatically once a page is turned, and stops as long as the same page is presented to the camera.

The mount on top of the ScanTent enables you to place the smart phone in a convenient way and thus guarantees an optimal viewing angle and a constant distance. If daylight is not sufficient white LED strips provide a uniform lighting that maximize image quality. Disassembling the ScanTent and its low weight allow for compact transportation.

  • White tent fabric
  • LED strip for low-light conditions
  • Black base (felt)
  • 4 tentpoles
  • Smartphone mount
  • Bag for storage/transport
  • dim. 76 x 59 x 44,5 (H)
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ST130521ScanTent238,89  (1.799,92 kn) /set

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