Making a passepartout – furnishing art on paper

Do you need a mount that perfectly matches your photo or drawing? Do you need a passepartout cutting service?

You can choose between simple cardstock with a picture window cut out and a full fold-out passepartout with a matching backing.

The mats are cut precisely according to your dimensions. Please pay attention when entering the measurements in the table to make sure that your mats will be the correct dimensions. As a rule, every order must contain all essential information.

To make ordering easier, you can use our table or send us your measurements in another form, but please use our codes for individual measurements on the passe-partout. Please note that our mounts are made from high-quality museum boards (cream, ivory, antique) and Moorman’s standard mounts of the highest quality in a variety of colors.

We cut the mat to the exact dimensions you told us (+/- 1 mm), so it is important that the dimensions you sent us are correct. Please send us only the dimensions of the window opening to be cut. The format of the work you frame is not important to us, for the simple reason that you yourself determine to what extent the cardboard covers the picture – we recommend that the cardboard covers the picture at least 2 mm on each side to ensure easy and safe mounting.


Cijene u tablici su bez PDV-a.

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