Small mobile intervention set for damage repair

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In contrast to disasters ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ), for which there must be a well-developed plan of action, minor accidents are not considered a great danger, and yet, due to unpredictability and the surprise factor, they can cause limited, but still not negligible, damage.

It is precisely for such unpleasant surprises, when a quick reaction is required and there is no time to collect the existing tools and consumables – which in the meantime it turns out that there are no more – that the mobile intervention set that we present here has been put together.

The set consists of 6 parts with a total of 27 items, which include personal protection, cleaning, the most necessary documentation for recording damage, lighting, barriers and material for absorbing water, and handy tools (scalpel, scotch tape…).

In the event of a minor accident, the set will serve as the first steps in preventing major damage, cleaning the area and documenting what has been done.

Contents of a small mobile intervention set for damage repair

I. Protection for the recovery team

Tyvek Protective Suits with Hood x1
Safety glasses x1
High Visibility Vest x1
Poncho x1
Dust mask x1
Solid work gloves x1 pair

II. Cleaning items

Mop x1
Broom x1
Solid Garbage Bags x3
High absorbency sponges x2
Dustpan and brush x1
Dry cleaning sponges x2
Ziplock Bags x50
Absorbent cloths x10
Cloths x2
Strainer bucket x1
Handle x1

III. Accessories for accident scene inspection

Waterproof writing pad x1
Permanent marker x1
Waterproof labels x50

IV. Lighting

Flashlight x1
Safety Glow Sticks x3

V. Water diversion and absorption

Absorbent strips x10
Protective pads for absorbing water x2

VI. Other useful items

Red/white protective tape x1
Scalpel x1
Adhesive tape x1
Safety markings

913773744259,90  (1.958,22 kn) /pc

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