Exhibition display for easy display of drawings, posters and cards

1,08  (8,14 kn) 44,44  (334,83 kn) /pair, /pc, /set

The concept of this self clamping paper holders that we present to you is especially intended for kindergartens and schools. It enables the display of children’s artwork without the use of unsafe objects such as pins and nails, and without adhesive tapes.

The exhibition display NEWLY R50 has no sharp edges or visible screws that can pose a danger to the youngest users. It can be mounted on any wall height.

It will enable children to feel independent because they will be able to set up the works without the help of adults. Paper of any thickness is simply inserted into the lower opening where it is clamped by a rubber that extends the entire length of the slot.

After the equally simple removal of the works, the room does not feel empty, as happens with panels. The exhibition display acts as a decorative element of the wall.

Due to its unobtrusive design and multifunctionality, the exhibition display is used in a business environment for presentation purposes – displaying printed charts, maps, texts or photos without reaching for stands, boards, magnets, hooks, etc. It is found in laboratories, waiting rooms, workshops, shops and catering establishments. Everywhere, in addition to exposure, it is also necessary to quickly restore the space to its regular state.

  • presentation without pins, magnets and adhesive tapes
  • without sharp edges
  • safe for the youngest
  • practical installation and removal
  • for drawings, graphs, photos, maps
  • inconspicuousness and decorativeness
  • multifunctionality
  • along with the display with connectors, you get screws, dowels and two end caps
  • 10 year warranty
SKUProduct namePriceBuy
1501200Exhibition display, white, 200 cm44,44  (334,83 kn) /set
2501100End caps of the exhibition display (L + D)1,08  (8,14 kn) /pair

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