Archive box for numismatics Maxi

9,31  (70,15 kn) 35,82  (269,89 kn) /pc, /set

Our most popular archive box for numismatics, offers numerous and diverse combination options, a large number of different models of drawers for safe storage of your coins and medals, regardless of dimensions and packaging…

The archive box for numismatics represents a complete and rounded storage system that offers numerous and diverse combination options, so that you can choose the best and most attractive solution for the storage and presentation of your numismatic collection. A large number of different models of drawers enable safe storage of your coins and medals regardless of their dimensions and regardless of whether they are packed in boxes, foils or blisters.

The archive box is supplied in gray and accommodates 10 standard 12mm high drawer drawers which can be purchased separately to suit your needs.

Drawers for numismatic archival box

Natural felt lining

Each drawer can be equipped with a suitable lining made of natural felt, which is supplied in red, dark blue or green .

SKUProduct nameSize (mm)Number of compartments per drawerBojaPriceBuy
6100Archive box for numismatics Maxi (without drawers)139 x 298 x 298..35,82  (269,89 kn) /pc
6112Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi22.5 x 22.5144.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6110Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi26.5 x 26.5100.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6109Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi29.6 x 29.681.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6108Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi33.6 x 33.664.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6107Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi38.7 x 38.749.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6106Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi45.6 x 45.636.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6105Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi55 x 5525.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6104Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi68 x 6816.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
6103Drawer for numismatic archival box Maxi93 x 939.12,92  (97,35 kn) /pc
61 CRVENAFelt set for one drawer..Red9,31  (70,15 kn) /set
61 PLAVAFelt set for one drawer..Blue9,31  (70,15 kn) /set
61 ZELENAFelt set for one drawer..Green9,31  (70,15 kn) /set

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