Japanese brushes

125,33  (944,30 kn) 147,15  (1.108,70 kn) /pc


The Mizubake water brush is made of deer bristles that retain water excellently and enable good wetting of the material.

  • width 146 mm
  • thickness 4.7 mm
  • hair length 30 mm

Cold sores

The Nazebaka brush is made of palm fibers and is used for smoothing and moistening when working with paper.

  • width 146 mm
  • thickness 11 mm
  • hair length 70 mm


The Noribake brush is made of thick goat bristles and is used for applying glue to the substrate.

  • width 146 mm
  • thickness 11 mm
  • hair length 35 mm


The Tsukemawashi brush is made of white goat hair. It is thinner than the previous Noribaka brush, and is used to join the material to the base.

  • width 180 mm
  • thickness 4.7 mm
  • hair length 25 mm
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919960001Japanese water brush Mizubake125,33  (944,30 kn) /pc
919960002Nazebaka Japanese brush126,32  (951,76 kn) /pc
919960003Noribaka Japanese brush137,07  (1.032,75 kn) /pc
919960004Japanese brush Tsukemawashi147,15  (1.108,70 kn) /pc

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