Mannequins for Conservation Storage and Display

1.020,76  (7.690,92 kn) /pc

Since clothing items are always created in relation to the human body, museum mannequins are the most practical way to best express the design, purpose and interrelationship of individual parts of clothing and footwear.

Unlike display mannequins, which are mostly made of polyurethane, our museum mannequins are made of high-quality and stable fiber-reinforced polyester that does not damage textiles or skin. They are processed so that the connecting elements do not interfere with the quick and safe changing of the mannequins. They are easily adapted to costumes by lining them with materials such as Stockinette cotton fabric.

Special attention was paid to the fact that the figures do not distract attention from the objects they are carrying with their morphology and physiognomy, so that they can be continuously used for different exhibitions.

Their flexibility allows natural movements to be shown and positions to be easily changed, while stands and bars prevent accidental tipping and damage. Dolls wearing particularly valuable clothing items are often placed in museum display cases . Since the display cases are made to measure, it is possible to accommodate several figures, as well as to simulate various situations such as the use of tools, weapons, etc.

  • fiber reinforced polyester
  • stainless steel base
  • height approx.: male 187 cm, female 177 cm
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SC-M30Professional museum mannequin, male1.020,76  (7.690,92 kn) /pc
SC-Z31Professional museum doll, female1.020,76  (7.690,92 kn) /pc

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