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New, better prices for gold and gilding materials!!!

In our offer you can find gold leaf (so-called free and portable), gold powder, gold leaf in a roll and schlag-metal (German: Schlagmetall ) – gold imitation leaves.

Gilding materials

We call gilding the complete or partial coating of the surface of an object/object with gold leaves or gold dust. Various materials can be gilded: stone, metals, wood, ceramics, glass, leather, textiles, paper, etc. Gilding is most often found on decorative frames and easel paintings, on furniture, interior architectural decoration, on book bindings and objects of artistic craft. Gilding is applicable both in open and closed spaces.

“Loose gold leaf” – separate (free) gold leaves

Real gold leaf from 24 karat purity and below is available in countless shades. The slip is usually placed on top of a bolus to which a little tutkal (glue of animal origin) has been added. This type of gilding is called water or polyment gilding. Gold does not oxidize, so it does not need a protective coating. However, this type of gilding is sensitive to water.

Leaves of real silver – the procedure for placing silver leaves is similar to the procedure for placing gold leaves described above. Since silver is subject to oxidation (darkening), it is recommended to apply a protective varnish.

“Transfer gold leaf” – portable gold leaves

Real gold (purity 23.75 carat) or real silver slips are pressed onto very thin paper. Handling the slips is very simple, so even beginners can use them. They are delivered in booklets of 25 sheets. They are applied by pressure, like stickers, after which the transfer paper is removed. Another method of application is with the help of a goldsmith’s brush .

These sheets can be placed on a mixture of bolus and tissue (so-called polyment) or on a mixture* (oil or water). Each subsequent gold leaf is placed so that its edge overlaps the edge of the already fixed leaf. If polish was used as a base (a bolus to which a bit of paint was added), the gilding can be polished with a semi-precious agate stone .

Gold dust

The finest quality of gold powder is 23.75 carats. It is packed in a container of 1 gram. It is used alone (for gilding) or as an addition to colors. It is often used to retouch parts of the surface that the gold leaf failed to cover. The gold dust is bound with thread or gum arabic. Cellulose ethers can also be used as a binder.

Gold leaves in a reel

The 24-carat gold leaf is applied downwards to a paper or plastic strip that comes in a reel. The width of the tape is between 3 mm and 110 mm. They come in a large number of golden shades. This type of gold leaf is suitable for gilding moldings and smooth and flat surfaces such as decorative frames or fonts (even with a slight curvature). Also applicable in gastronomy.

Schlag-metal in sheets (German: Schlagmetall ) – imitation of gold

Thin sheets obtained by rolling an alloy of copper, zinc and tin. Sheets of schlag-metal are used as a substitute for real gold. They can be of different tones; their color depends on the proportion of metals that are an integral part of the alloy. These slips are free (they are not on transfer slips).

  • possible weekly price change due to the state of the gold market
  • in the standard offer we have a water mixtion, and for an oil 3 h 12 h (available in packages of 75 ml, 250 ml and 1000 ml) price on request

We highlight the most popular products of this type from our offer:

SKUProduct namePack sizePriceBuy
GMB101ZSGold leaves, 23.75 carats, loose leaves, 8 x 8 cm25 leaves47,75  (359,77 kn) /pkg
GMB102ZTGold leaves, 23.75 carats, transfer leaves, 8 x 8 cm25 leaves48,84  (367,98 kn) /pkg
GMB103SSSilver leaves, loose leaves, 9.5 x 9.5 cm25 leaves15,21  (114,60 kn) /pkg
GMB103STSilver sheets, transfer sheets, 9.5 x 9.5 cm25 leaves15,21  (114,60 kn) /pkg
GMB104ZPGold powder, 23.75 carats1 g169,84  (1.279,66 kn) /pkg
GMB107SMImitation gold leaf, 16 x 16 cm100 leaves9,28  (69,92 kn) /pkg
151332345Water-based mixtion, 15 minutes1000 ml21,22  (159,88 kn) /pc
151AM0011Bolus Charbonnel, red1000 ml53,08  (399,93 kn) /pc
151AM0012Bolus Charbonnel, yellow1000 ml53,08  (399,93 kn) /pc
151HM006Gilding set (case)Suitcase290,78  (2.190,88 kn) /set

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