Freestanding paper and cardboard cutter

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Manual cutter with stand and curved blade 110 cm long. The professional cutter / guillotine (“paper cutter”) of massive metal construction is the ideal solution for cutting paper, museum cardboard, polyester and other foils, Reemay, silk paper and various other materials.

It enables simple, fast and extremely precise cutting of all types of materials used in the conservation and long-term storage of works of art. The blade is made of high-quality Solingen steel, and the cutting thickness is 4 mm. Adjustable stand, foot pedal and side stops with drawn scales in centimeters and inches, front and rear gauges with a special guide enable cutting even very thin strips (more than 1 mm wide).

  • blade width 110 cm
  • cutting thickness 4 mm
  • Solingen knife
  • weight 60 kg
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CGP1110Paper and cardboard cutter, blade 110 cm0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc

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