Protective Barriers

3,30  (24,86 kn) 151,29  (1.139,89 kn) /pc

Protective Barriers with ropes

Movable barrier posts are a simple means of directing or restricting the passage of visitors. They are suitable for larger public institutions where a large number of people gather, as well as for smaller business premises and exhibitions. They are easy to install, and when stored, they do not take up much space because they can be disassembled. They are available in several colors, with or without a decorative ball.

In both cases, they are surrounded by a disc with two openings that serve to hold the rope hooks that we offer in black, blue and red.

  • height of post for ropes: 890 – 975 mm
  • base weight: 6 – 6.5 kg
  • rope length: 2 m

Protective barriers with pull-out strips

In addition to the described system with ropes, we also offer you practical barriers that store pull-out straps. Along with them, there is also a small wall tile for strips that can be easily mounted on the wall.

We offer columns in shiny silver (chrome), matte black, white and gray. They are wedged in the middle of stable circular steel bases that adhere firmly to the surface and protect it from damage. It is possible to add a wearable extension for a notice or warning plate to the top of the pillar.

The strips that stretch between the pillars are made of strong, high-quality, wear-resistant fabric and are easily stored by winding them inside the pillars. They are available in black, blue and red.
For smaller spaces, two posts or just a post and a wall tile on which the free end of the strip is attached are enough.

  • column height with strips: up to 940 mm
  • weight of base with straps: 8.5 kg
  • long-lasting and reliable mechanism
  • strip length: 2.3 m
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151NS001Partition post, sphereChrome138,02  (1.039,91 kn) /pc
151NS005Partition post, straightChrome151,29  (1.139,89 kn) /pc
151NS006Partition post, sphereBlack138,02  (1.039,91 kn) /pc
151NS007Partition post, straightBlack132,71  (999,90 kn) /pc
151NS003Rope for partition postBlack49,89  (375,90 kn) /pc
151NS004Rope for partition postBlue49,89  (375,90 kn) /pc
151NS002Rope for partition postRed49,89  (375,90 kn) /pc
151NS008Divider post with pull-out stripsChrome145,98  (1.099,89 kn) /pc
151NS009Divider post with pull-out stripsBlack145,98  (1.099,89 kn) /pc
151NS016Extension for the wall.3,30  (24,86 kn) /pc

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