AD indicator strips for checking the condition of film strips

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AD strips are used to check the state and degree of deterioration of the film material as accurately as possible by measuring the level of acidity. The strips work on the principle of a chemical reaction. They successfully detect vinegar syndrome on film tapes.

  • testing the pH value of film strips
  • pH scale 4 – 6
  • color blue
  • strip size 1 x 4 cm
  • pack of 250 pieces

Instructions for use:

While in the bag, the tape is blue. After you have removed the desired amount of strips, squeeze the air out of the bag and carefully close the bag. Remove the filmstrip cover and place the indicator strip on the film and start recording the time. The reading may be complete after 24 hours, depending on the temperature. In cold conditions, the expected accurate reading time is two to three days, and the 24-hour reading is based on a temperature of 20˚ C. After the measurement time, compare the strip to the color scale printed on the bag and check the acidity level. If the indicator strip has changed color to olive green (pH 4.6), then the critical point has been reached and it is recommended that you separate the film strip from the rest of the collection and start duplicating it. If the strips have not reacted within 24 hours, then nothing is critical. If the indicator strip is left in the air, it will fade.

Note that close contact, such as touching and smelling, with highly degraded acetate and nitrate films can be hazardous to health. Acetic acid and other acid products emitted from film tapes can cause burns, mucosal irritations and other physiological effects. For this reason, it is recommended to wear protective gloves and adequate ventilation when handling damaged films.

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