Protective cardboard corners

26,53  (199,89 kn) 92,89  (699,88 kn) /pkg

Cardboard protection for the corners of pictures is an economical and simple means of protecting pictures or other valuable rectangular objects during their temporary storage or transportation.

The corners are made of corrugated cardboard that does not damage the artworks and at the same time acts as a shock absorber for movements and light impacts during the handling of the artworks.

The ingenious technical performance of cardboard carbons significantly contributes to their flexibility. Namely, due to the movable cardboard tab located on the inside, the carbons are easily adapted not only to slightly wider objects (frames), but also to slightly narrower ones, because the movable flap prevents the carbons from falling out and ensures that they stay close to the object they are protecting.

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BE022/10022 mm10026,53  (199,89 kn) /pkg
BE02222 mm50079,62  (599,90 kn) /pkg
BE026/10026 mm10026,53  (199,89 kn) /pkg
BE02626 mm50079,62  (599,90 kn) /pkg
BE036/10036 mm10030,51  (229,88 kn) /pkg
BE03636 mm50092,89  (699,88 kn) /pkg

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