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The presentation of works of art on the one hand and their protection on the other hand are in a constant relationship of tension and interdependence. Visitors to museums and galleries come for direct experience and contact with a work of art, and every contact brings with it a risk due to the influence of light, humidity, and even cases of vandalism and the use of famous works of art to draw attention to social controversies and popularize various ideological orientations.

Due to its transparency, glass is a suitable solution for works of art on paper, posters, photographs, maps and documents. However, ordinary glass will not prevent UV radiation, which is a constant concern of art conservators and collectors. It is one of the main causes of damage, and its effects are cumulative.

Depending on the structure you have, we can offer you special glasses for the protection of works of art with different percentages of UV protection, thickness, first-class transparency and anti-reflectivity. The photos you see at the top of this page show a comparison between regular glass and anti-reflective glass.

Choose custom-cut glass or plexiglass that meets the highest standards and display works from your collection without the risk of yellowing, fading or structural damage.

  • 99% museum-quality UV protection
  • 70% UV protection
  • anti-reflective
  • 2, 2.5 and 3 mm thick
  • consistent quality
  • in addition to museum glass, we also offer light museum plexiglass (plexiglas)


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