Foam Boards

0,24  (1,81 kn) 45,57  (343,35 kn) /pc, /pkg

Acid-free foam boards – Foam Boards

  • extruded polystyrene coated with a neutral substrate on both sides – popularly called “cap-plates”
  • suitable for mounting exhibition panels, for making mock-ups and architectural models, laminating, packaging and framing
  • they are not recommended for long-term storage
  • white
  • 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm thick

Self-adhesive foam boards – Foam Boards

  • white
  • self-adhesive on one side
  • 5 mm and 10 mm thick

Black foam boards – Foam Boards

  • black
  • 5 mm thick


  • metal
  • easy mounting

In our offer we also have professional aluminum rulers of large sizes as well as a large selection of cutting mats .

SKUProduct nameThickness (mm)Size (mm)Pack sizePriceBuy
AJ0016-P8Acid-free foam board3762 x 10168 boards37,68  (283,90 kn) /pkg
AJ0014-P4Acid-free foam board31016 x 15244 boards35,68  (268,83 kn) /pkg
AJ004-P6Acid-free foam board5762 x 10166 boards39,55  (297,99 kn) /pkg
AJ005-P4Acid-free foam board51016 x 15244 boards43,42  (327,15 kn) /pkg
AJ006-P4Acid-free foam board10762 x 10164 boards45,57  (343,35 kn) /pkg
AJ007-P2Acid-free foam board101016 x 15242 boards39,55  (297,99 kn) /pkg
NMAD50SFoam board. self-adhesive on one side51000 x 1400.16,47  (124,09 kn) /pc
NMAD150SFoam board. self-adhesive on one side101000 x 1400.23,78  (179,17 kn) /pc
AJB003-P4Foam black board5700 x 10004 boards27,86  (209,91 kn) /pkg
AJB004-P2Foam black board51000 x 14002 boards23,22  (174,95 kn) /pkg
7070300Nosači pjenastih ploča i panela H300 za težinu do 10 kg..4 kom.13,60  (102,47 kn) /pkg
AJ015Hangers / hooks for foam boards...0,24  (1,81 kn) /pc

Cijene u tablici su bez PDV-a.

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