Matboard Moorman

5,72  (43,10 kn) 15,78  (118,89 kn) /pc, /sht

Passepartout of the highest quality for framing and framing pictures

  • dimensions 112 x 82 cm
  • thickness 1.7 mm
  • a large palette of colors
  • in addition to passepartout, this card proved to be a very good card for mock-ups, such as when making architectural mock-ups (models)


Passeparts offered by the company Moorman are composed of several layers. Front, core and background can be distinguished. Each of these layers must meet specific requirements.

The front side of the passepartout , in addition to being aesthetically attractive, must meet strict requirements that define resistance to exposure to light. To meet this requirement, the Moorman company supplies this part of the passepartout from highly specialized paper factories that achieve the highest quality standards.

The standard passepartout core is made from selected, high-quality, perfectly clean and fine fibers of wood pulp (wood pulp). Extremely fine and extra clean paper fibers minimize the possibility of black spots and ensure a lower lignin content. The standard core is pH neutral and buffered.

The background of the passepartout , i.e. the side that is not exposed, is also very important, after all it is the part of the passepartout that comes into direct contact with the work. The material used for the background of the passepartout most often causes damage to the work, if it is of poor quality. Because of all of the above, the Moorman company uses only high-quality paper for passepartout backgrounds. The paper does not contain acids and is buffered with calcium carbonate, which ensures the top quality of each passepartout from the Moorman program.

Passport Moorman “black-black”

A black mat with a black core can add an extra dimension to a piece of art. The black core provides additional aesthetic options when framing, and the contour line around the edge of the work can further emphasize refinement. The background of the Moorman passepartout with a black core is dark gray, smudge-resistant, and made of high-quality paper. The backing paper is of the same quality as other types of core.

Framing tape

  • so called. pic-stripe
  • dimensions 6 cm x 200 m
  • Brown
  • activated by water
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xxxxPassepartout Moorman112 x 827,43  (55,98 kn) /sht
66413Passport Moorman "black-black"101 x 8115,78  (118,89 kn) /sht
PD260Framing tape.5,72  (43,10 kn) /pc

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