Archival Corrugated Cardboard

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For especially permanent archiving solutions, we offer top-quality archival corrugated cardboard. The material can be easily embossed and folded so that it can be easily folded into archive or portfolio boxes according to the client’s requirements. The archival corrugated cardboard has an outer surface of gray paper, while the inner surface and the corrugated part are naturally white. The refined exterior repels dust, is dry, hard to get dirty and can be wiped clean. None of the raw materials used have a harmful effect on stored works of art such as photographs, prints, etc. The cardboard is acid-free, corresponds to the highest durability class and current DIN, PAT and ISO standards.

  • meets the highest museum and conservation standards
  • for making archive boxes and folders
  • for picture backgrounds (when framing)
  • 1.6 and 3 mm, permanent corrugated cardboard, grey/white
  • 100% cellulose,
  • resistant to ageing according to DIN EN ISO 9706, DIN ISO 16245 – Type A
  • without wood fibers
  • without lignin (KAPPA index is< 5),
  • pH 7.5 – 10, acid-free according to ISO 6588-1:2020
  • buffered, CaCO3> 2%
  • without optical brighteners (OBA)
  • 570 g/m2
  • PAT ( Photographic Activity Test )

*Photographs of an example of the use of this cardboard when making a box for storing charters with a wax seal were given to us courtesy of the State Archives in Rijeka.

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