Aluminum frames

14,59  (109,93 kn) 26,27  (197,93 kn) /pc

Thanks to their clean lines, these quality frames represent an elegant and aesthetic solution for any space. Aluminum frames are light and extremely strong, so it is possible to easily create frames of large dimensions. If you need a frame of exact dimensions, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to send you an offer. In addition to frames, in our assortment you can find foam panels for laminating, ready-made aluminum frames with easy replacement (imitation of wood), as well as a system for hanging pictures .

  • available colors – black , silver and white
  • together with the frame, a mounting set is delivered (2 hangers, 4 corners, 4 washers, 8 springs for the background)
SKUBojaSize (cm)PriceBuy
AJ1002-SSilver50 x 7014,59  (109,93 kn) /pc
AJ1002-BWhite50 x 7018,97  (142,93 kn) /pc
AJ1002-CBlack50 x 7018,97  (142,93 kn) /pc
AJ1003-SSilver70 x 10020,43  (153,93 kn) /pc
AJ1003-BWhite70 x 10026,27  (197,93 kn) /pc
AJ1003-CBlack70 x 10026,27  (197,93 kn) /pc

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