Identification, protection and storage of photographs

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Manual for the identification of different photographic processes and their safe storage

Author: Hrvoje Gržina
Publisher: CRESCAT
Number of pages: 144

From the Introduction

The purpose of this manual is to offer guardians, owners and lovers of the medium guidelines for the identification of different photographic processes and their safe storage over a longer period. An archivist, curator, librarian, conservator, collector, researcher or student interested in photography will find in it an overview of recent findings from the relevant scientific and professional literature as well as many years of practice in the recognition, processing, preservation, protection and research of photographs… A set of measures known as preventive protection photographs should provide favorable storage conditions for a longer period of time, which would slow down the inevitable natural aging of the material from which they are made and extend its durability. However, suitable storage conditions differ for different types of photographs, so a good knowledge of the processes and materials used in their production is a necessity for every custodian or owner…

Organization of the manual

The manual is organized into two basic units that complement and interpenetrate each other. The first section provides an overview of the most commonly used photographic processes, while the second section is devoted to the protection, preservation and use of photographs. International standards provide very clear guidelines for the preservation and protection of photographs, and therefore every custodian or owner should be familiar with them, trying to get as close as possible to them… Therefore, the attempt of this manual is to – never cut corners with valid norms and standards – with optimal offers and some alternative solutions in order to provide at least minimal protection to unprotected photographs and thus extend their life span. Based on what is presented in the main part of the text, the appendix provides a clear and systematically organized most important parameters for the preservation and protection of each of the processed photographic processes.

How to use the manual

The content of the manual is intended to be helpful to every guardian or lover of photography in navigating the, often very confusing, world of analog recordings and parameters for their protection, so that as many valuable objects of photographic heritage as possible remain preserved for future generations.

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