Conservation spatulas

6,62  (49,88 kn) 9,28  (69,92 kn) /pc

Stainless steel spatulas are applicable for various tasks such as separating pages, applying glue, removing stickers or paint… and are therefore indispensable in conservation work, art and related professions.

In addition to thinner spatulas that are also suitable for manipulating fine fibers, smaller fillings, etc., we have also included a robust spatula for rougher work as an excellent addition to our offer.


  • steel
  • length 21 cm

Teflon microspatula

  • teflon
  • length 21 cm

Spatula Minaret

  • flexible
  • steel

Large spatula for heavy work

The large steel spatula is intended for work that requires the use of greater strength. The rectangular part is usually used for removing glue, separating glued cardboard, working with leather materials, etc. The rounded end can be used for preparation, adhesive application, mixing and decanting.

  • total length 305 mm
  • tip width 20 mm, length 75 mm, thickness ca. < 0.5 mm
  • handle diameter 6 mm
SKUProduct namePriceBuy
91617003Microspatula6,62  (49,88 kn) /pc
91936401Microspatula, Teflon8,87  (66,83 kn) /pc
910922221Spatula Minaret7,95  (59,90 kn) /pc
9193614373Large spatula9,28  (69,92 kn) /pc

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