Quake Hold Museum Putty

5,30  (39,93 kn) /pc

Unlike gel , which due to its transparency can also be used on glass shelves, museum mass is intended for fastening to shelves and objects that are not transparent.

Shape the mass into small balls or strips, place on the bottom of the object and gently press on the desired surface. It will be activated in about thirty minutes. When removing, slightly move the bottom of the object, separate, and you can use the mass another time.

The product is also suitable for preventing movement of pictures on walls. One package is enough to stabilize about forty small exhibits – figurines, candlesticks, cups…

You can see a brief description of the application of this product here .

  • prevents tipping during earthquakes and vibrations
  • flexible
  • reversible
91615811175 years5,30  (39,93 kn) /pc

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