Paper pulp casting machine

6.396,58  (48.195,03 kn) 9.183,75  (69.194,96 kn) /pc

The paper pulp molding machine is designed for conservation and restoration workshops for paper and is intended for the preparation of paper pulp/pulp that is used to fill in missing parts of old sheets or/and create completely new pages for conservation/restoration operations on books, documents, graphics , posters, maps and other paper items.

Very easy to use and high security. The 12 V power adapter is separate from the power grid and is not fixed to the machine, but must be placed on a wall or other solid surface in the workshop where there is no risk of flooding.

  • p principle of operation – gravity spraying assisted by a suction pump
  • the possibility of adding pulp during mixing and adding water to a special additional tank
  • large working surface (L)
  • slow pulp distribution
  • great fiber straightening and stacking power
  • efficient production of even thicker paper pages
  • it is possible to maintain the suction pressure for a long time under the sheet on which the repairs are carried out
  • a small amount of pulp remains in the machine after work
  • complete resistance to corrosion – the machine is made of PVC and aluminum
  • the possibility of adjusting the height

You can see all technical data about this machine here

Also in our offer you can find 100% wool felt , which is used for drying paper and for pressing paper after casting the paper pulp.

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30 3005-MPaper pulp casting machine RAS2M66 x 46 cm6.396,58  (48.195,03 kn) /pc
30 3005-LPaper pulp casting machine RAS2L84 x 60 cm9.183,75  (69.194,96 kn) /pc

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