Vacuum tables – PSD 2000 series

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Heated vacuum tables are an indispensable part of the equipment for restoration, and are intended for the so-called duplicating (placing a support base on the background of paintings, English “lining”, German “doublieren”, French “rentoilage”), alignment and other operations on paintings and painting canvases.

The heated upper surface of the table is placed on an aluminum frame to which metal legs are attached, which can be dismantled.

The heated vacuum table enables precise adjustment of the suction power, which ensures that the working pressure acting on the object on the table is always in the range 0 – 0.8 atm, that is, 0 – 800 g/cm 2 .

Vacuum tables are designed to enable selection and full control over working conditions when performing procedures.

All tables from this series are supplied with a control unit/programmer that monitors the operation of the pressure pump and through which all operating parameters are determined.

  • the heating system ensures fast and even heating of the top plate
  • efficient and inconspicuous (silent) cooling system
  • accurate temperature reading and adjustment
  • a digital system for monitoring and adjusting the suction power that controls the vacuum pump
  • the heatable top plate has 4 groups of suction holes at the corners with built-in tanks for collecting deposits/sediment

You can see all the technical data about these vacuum tables here

Large vacuum table

The largest table from the PSD 2000 series is placed on a steel base equipped with lockable wheels. It is used for the same purposes as the other tables from the PSD 2000 series.

You can see all the technical data about this model here

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30 0080Vacuum table PSD 2000 – 1 dimensions 1.5 x 2.5 m0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
30 0082Vacuum table PSD 2000 – 2 dimensions 1.5 x 2 m0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
30 0083Vacuum table PSD 2000 – 3 dimensions 1 x 2 m0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc
30 0081Vacuum table PSD 2000 – 4 dimensions 2 x 3 m0,00  (0,00 kn) /pc

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