UV light protection film

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Self-adhesive UV protective film

The self-adhesive UV protective film enables simple and quick coating of windows or display cases and thus ensures protection of exhibits from harmful UV radiation. Thanks to the completely transparent adhesive with a moderate adhesive strength, it can be easily removed as needed. This 33 micron thick double layer very thin UV film has an expected life of 7 years in direct sunlight. For use in museum conditions, the expected lifespan is significantly longer. The self-adhesive UV protective film successfully absorbs 99% of UV-A radiation, and for additional protection, it also successfully filters visible light up to a frequency of 400 nm, which fully meets the conditions stated in the international professional literature for the field of conservation.

It is recommended to regularly check the effectiveness of the UV protection film using a UV measuring device.

The self-adhesive UV film can be used to cover fluorescent light tubes (lamps). In some museums, the film is mounted on fluorescent lamps with the help of cable clips. Since the UV protection film also acts as a thermal insulator when it is placed on the lamp, there is an increased temperature inside the lamp, which can sample a shorter life of such a lamp.

We each recommend using the original alignment applicator to ensure the highest quality assembly without unwanted bubbles.

Specifications of the UV protective film:

  • Radiation permeability: 85 %
  • Glare: 8%
  • Absorption: 7 %
  • Breathability: 84%
  • Forward reflection light: 8%
  • Back reflection light: 8 %
  • UV transmittance:< 0.1%
  • Screening (b – factor): 0.98
  • Emission: 0.83
  • Glare protection factor: 5 %
  • Total energy permeability: 0.85
  • Rejection of total solar energy: 14%
  • Thickness without protective layer: 33 µ

Instructions for installing the UV protective film can be downloaded here .

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UVFSA03Self-adhesive UV protection film1.52 x 1 m63,69  (479,87 kn) /pc
UVFSA05Self-adhesive UV protection film1.52 x 3 m159,25  (1.199,87 kn) /pc
UVFSA06Self-adhesive UV protection film1.52 x 10 m424,70  (3.199,90 kn) /pc
UVFSA07Self-adhesive UV protection film1.52 x 30.4 m1.021,95  (7.699,88 kn) /pc
60 GAMSQSqueegee.52,93  (398,80 kn) /pc

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