96,75  (728,96 kn) 121,84  (918,00 kn) /roll

A material of non-woven thermally bonded polyester fibers with a continuous thread construction that prevents fiber movement and provides additional strength. This material can be thermally and ultrasonically welded. It is mainly used as a support for documents that need to be repaired, washed or bleached.

  • acid-free material
  • 100% polyester
  • three thicknesses
SKUSizeGrammage (g/m2)PriceBuy
9149222501498 mm x 25 m17111,09  (837,01 kn) /roll
9149220141549 mm x 25 m34121,84  (918,00 kn) /roll
9149220241041 mm x 25 m7196,75  (728,96 kn) /roll

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