Hostaphan – siliconized polyester film

131,52  (990,94 kn) /roll

One-sided siliconized polyester foil Hostaphan is used for thermal tables. In normal use, there is no transfer of free silicone from the film. It is safe to work with works of art, but it is also used in transport. It is dimensionally stable and does not fight against heat, which is a significant advantage in jobs where it is important that the film is transparent and does not stick to the surface. It is also applicable for wrapping, covering work surfaces, moistening…

  • it is used during restoration on vacuum heat tables
SKUThickness in micronsGrammage (g/m2)SizePriceBuy
50 RNT3636511.4 x 50 m131,52  (990,94 kn) /roll

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