51,88  (390,89 kn) 381,74  (2.876,22 kn) /roll

Melinex polyester film is most often used for document encapsulation, separation, protection of books, covering work surfaces, covering vacuum tables and glass surfaces, as well as numerous other applications. For encapsulation, simply cut it to the desired format and stick it on both sides with self-adhesive tape. Polyester is archival quality and will not stick to photos. Electrostatic charge holds materials in place. Rolls are ideal for large documents, maps and printouts.

  • high-quality archival Melinex (Mylar)
  • chemically inert
  • will not cause color changes, damage, or stick to the stored material
  • a large selection of thicknesses: 15, 50, 75, 125 and 175 μm
SKUProduct nameThickness in micronsDimenzijaPriceBuy
50 0015Melinex151.48 x 50 m51,88  (390,89 kn) /roll
914150050Melinex501.07 x 20 m75,83  (571,34 kn) /roll
9141575253Melinex751.50 x 25 m107,90  (812,97 kn) /roll
914151250Melinex1251.07 x 50 m282,20  (2.126,24 kn) /roll
TF01048Melinex1751.52 x 15 m381,74  (2.876,22 kn) /roll

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