Museum Gel – Quakehold Clear Tack

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Transparent museum gel is a means of securing glass, crystal and other fragile museum exhibits to prevent them from tipping over during earthquakes, vibrations, involuntary or uncontrolled tipping that can cause serious damage.

For more than a decade, this gel has been used by all major museums in California, one of the most seismically active areas. Since then, the practice of fixing fragile exhibits with this gel has become widely accepted both among professionals and private collectors.

It is simply applied to an individual object and is almost invisible even under transparent glass objects on glass shelves. A small amount of gel should be formed into a ball with your fingers, placed on the bottom of the exhibit and gently pressed onto a clean surface. The gel will still remain soft and flexible. Another advantage is its reversibility – you can simply put the used gel back in the container or use it again.

The experience of the earthquake in Croatia and the extent of damage to fragile exhibits popularized museum gel as an economical and effective preventive tool.

A container with a volume of 110 ml is enough to fasten around 300 objects.

You can see a brief description of the application of this product here

  • prevents tipping during earthquakes and vibrations
  • transparent
  • flexible
  • reversible
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