Polypropylene syringes and syringes with attachments

2,64  (19,89 kn) 13,26  (99,91 kn) /pc, /pkg

Polypropylene syringes and syringes with an application attachment are ideal for small applications of glues, pastes, resins and other solvents when restoring, repairing books, processing works of art or furniture. Polypropylene syringes and syringes are transparent with markings in milliliters, which enables precision and accuracy of measurements.

The extensions (needles) are made of stainless steel and are compatible with polypropylene syringes and syringes.

Polypropylene syringes

Syringes are available in a package containing:

  • 3 polypropylene syringes 20 ml
  • 3 polypropylene syringes 10 ml
  • attachments (needles) made of stainless steel size: 5 attachments dim. 1.2 mm x 40 mm + 5 extensions dim. 0.8 mm x 40 mm

Polypropylene syringes

Syringes with a plastic ergonomic handle are available individually, in a volume of 10 ml or 20 ml. Along with them, it is necessary to choose the corresponding threaded extension/needle with dimensions of 2.0 mm x 35 mm.

SKUProduct namePriceBuy
151BV001Polypropylene syringe, 10 ml10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc
151BV002Polypropylene syringe, 20 ml10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc
151MP006Polypropylene syringe, pack of 6 syringes and 10 attachments (needles)2,64  (19,89 kn) /pkg
151BV003Threaded extension/needle, packaging: 10 pcs13,26  (99,91 kn) /pkg

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