Adhesive applicator

5,99  (45,13 kn) 15,99  (120,48 kn) /pc, /pkg

The precise applicator enables uniform and measured application of adhesives and various liquids in places inaccessible to brushes and other tools.

Patented design prevents spillage and backflow into the nozzle or bottle.

You can hold the applicator between your fingers like a pencil and thus ensure an even flow of liquid with minimal pressure.

Bottles are made of low-density polyethylene, and needles are made of stainless steel. They can be used with water-based adhesives, acetone and various other liquids of different viscosities except for cyanoacrylates (CA).

  • standard tip 0.8 mm
  • thinner tip 0.5 mm
SKUProduct namePriceBuy
910335564Adhesive applicator, yellow, standard tip 0.8 mm, bottle 37.5 ml5,99  (45,13 kn) /pc
910338132Adhesive applicator, blue, thinner tip 0.5 mm, bottle 29.5 ml, three in a pack.15,99  (120,48 kn) /pkg

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