Manual of preventive protection of works of art on paper

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Authors: Želimir Laszlo and Andreja Dragojević
Publisher: CRESCAT
Number of pages: 128

The condition of works of art on paper in museums, private and church collections is often very bad, and sometimes alarming.

An important part of our cultural heritage is disappearing or deteriorating before our eyes.

The manual is about measures and procedures that can be applied by any curator, collector or church person, to a large extent and with great success.

Illustrated with diagrams and photographs.


“The manual for the preventive protection of works of art on paper contains all the basic knowledge required for proper storage, handling and presentation of works of art on paper… The handbook is a necessity, because there is no such publication in the Croatian language yet. It is suitable for curators of museums, galleries and related institutions, as well as for collectors and church people.”

Prof. Dr. Jedert Vodopivec

“In a series of useful information, procedures and instructions for handling and preserving paper art are highlighted. They are clearly presented, accompanied by illustrations, and provide professional and operational support to owners and curators in the preservation and presentation of their objects and collections. Emphasis is placed on practical solutions that are not expensive…”

Mr. sc. Višnja Bralic

The manual is written in clear and simple language, and the text abounds in a number of details, useful and binding for every museologist who deals with works of art on paper. The book clearly indicates the key points of any responsible professional handling of sensitive and demanding paper material.”

Prof. Lada Dražin-Trbuljak

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