Solubility and solvents in conservation-restoration issues

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Author: Giorgio Torraca
Translation: Tamara Ukrainčik
Publisher: KR Center
Co-publisher: Croatian Restoration Society
Year of publication: 2010.
Number of pages: 76

The book Solubility and Solvents in Conservation-Restoration Issues stands out from books of a similar title and topic because the author manages to present the principles of solubility and solvents in a scientific, but the simplest way published so far.

The relatively small volume of the book and the hand-drawn diagrams accompanying the text contribute to the warmth and accessibility of the text.

For all these reasons, Giorgio Torrace’s book Solubility and Solvents in conservation-restoration issues has seen four editions in English, French and Spanish.

The book was translated into Croatian by Tamara Ukrainčik, professor of conservation and restoration of paintings at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb.

Publisher of the original edition and copyright holder: ICCROM ( ).

Giorgio Torrace’s book Solubility and Solvents for Conservation Problems was first published by ICCROM in 1975, second edition in 1978, third edition in 1984, fourth edition in 1990. 2005 reprint.

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