Pastoral role of church archives

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Author: Papal Commission for Church Cultural Property
Translation: Luka Marijanović
Publisher: Christian present doo
Year of publication: 2014.
Number of pages: 51

The Papal Commission for Church Cultural Assets issued this circular in order to emphasize the importance of church archives as well as to arouse interest in them and to point out the great need for high-quality and professional preservation of archival documents, church and other cultural materials.

We highlight:

The primary concern of individual Churches regarding the archives is certainly the preservation and protection of the precious heritage in order to pass it on to future generations as completely as possible.

We owe the protection and preservation of our heritage to previous generations, thanks to whom we inherited it. Lack of interest in heritage is an insulting attitude towards our ancestors.

Preservation of documents written on parchment and paper and electronically stored material must be guaranteed by appropriate regulations on the use of archives: effective inventory of documents, their eventual restoration and placement of archives in a suitable space.

The very choice of materials on paper or materials of another type must be carefully evaluated and expertly evaluated, in order to guarantee its durability in certain climatic and ambient conditions. Such business procedures are necessary prerequisites for proper archive management.

The concern of those responsible for the aforementioned will be concreted by their busyness to equip a suitable space for the storage of materials. The premises must meet basic hygiene standards (lighting, air conditioning, the ability to measure humidity and temperature, etc.), safety (fire and burglary systems, etc.) and supervision (surveillance during inspections, i.e. study of materials, regular inspections , periodic inspections, etc.).

In preserving the archives of particular churches, it is desirable to follow the criteria of the best archival traditions.

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