Low-pressure tables NSD 1101

The NSD 1101 series of low-pressure heated tables is a universal and multi-use device intended for the restoration of paintings, paper and textiles. Indispensable aid during the so-called duplication (eng. “hot and cold lining”), alignment and reinforcement of layers on works. When restoring paper, the mentioned tables allow filling in the missing parts using paper mash.

Tables from the NSD 1101 series come with a perforated plate that rests on a solid aluminum supporting frame and adjustable height metal legs that can be detached as needed. The programmer installed on these tables enables digital adjustment of the temperature and the strength of the suction (vacuum). The tables are equipped with an efficient heating system and a fan system that significantly accelerates cooling. Heated low-pressure tables from the NSD 1101 series use an industrial vacuum cleaner as a source of suction.

It is also possible to order tables from the NSD 1101 series without the possibility of heating.

You can see all the technical data about these tables here

Low-pressure tables NSD with dome

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