Light panel

112,95  (851,02 kn) 170,15  (1.282,00 kn) /pc

Light panels enable pleasant and longer restoration work with the help of fully dimmable high-quality LED lighting. Their advantage is particularly useful in repairing fragments or viewing negatives where high-intensity light can become too strong after a certain time.

Despite emitting a considerable amount of light, the panel generates very little heat, and the light is evenly distributed from edge to edge. This tool, with its solid construction and resistant surface, is an excellent solution for the precise inspection of all types of paper objects. It enables observation and photography of illuminated surfaces, controlled cleaning and various treatments using mechanical ones
method, water and non-aggressive solvents.


  • 8 mm thickness of A4 format light panel
  • 10 mm thickness of A3 format light panel
  • daylight source provides true color-corrected light at 5,500 – 6,500 K (CRI 80)
  • High quality LED
  • fully dimmable light
  • cable 1.8 m


  • it can be used to display watermarks in books or for repairs in situ without damaging the spine of the book
  • ideal for viewing photographic negatives, as background lighting and illuminating damaged areas of images or textiles
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915113504Light panel, LED, A4270 x 360 x 8 mm, light. surface 320 x 230 mm112,95  (851,02 kn) /pc
915113503Light panel, LED, A3360 x 480 x 10 mm, light. surface 440 x 320 mm170,15  (1.282,00 kn) /pc

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