Latex fingertip gloves

9,28  (69,92 kn) /pkg

When working with sensitive materials, it is necessary to protect yourself and the objects you come into contact with. Gloves are often indispensable protective equipment. However, prolonged work in gloves causes discomfort, which manifests itself in the form of increased heat and sweating of the palms.

The solution is covers made of latex with high tensile strength. They have the advantage of freeing up most of the hand because they only cover the fingertips, thus allowing the skin to breathe freely.

Experts in conservation and restoration, archivists, librarians, photographers and anyone who works with materials that require special attention, these thimbles provide greater comfort and ease of hand and finger movement. At the same time, they effectively protect valuable items from fingerprints, grease and skin cells.

Thimbles are available in a pack of 100 pieces, in three sizes:

  • small S (40 – 50 mm)
  • medium M (55 – 70 mm)
  • large L (70 – 90 mm)
151VR990(S) small9,28  (69,92 kn) /pkg
151VR309(M) medium9,28  (69,92 kn) /pkg
151VR991(L) large9,28  (69,92 kn) /pkg

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